Friday, 2 November 2012

This Sitar Kills Time

I've got to plug my turntable in. I've got to. There's so much stuff there, so many unplayed gems, so much fluff and so much music which is music, both rhythm and blues and jazz as someone may have once sampled. I'm selling Vinyl on eBay. It's a thankless task and who knew that obscure indie would go for silly money whilst anything that would make you shake your hips shows no sign of moving. Kids today....

Meanwhile, I've found a file of vinyl rips from a few years ago.

I learnt to play guitar by listening to Orbital, John Squire & Gabor Szabo.  Orbital? Uh-huh. The way Orbital songs build gives the amateur guitarer loads of space to w4nk about on the guitar. The Second Coming was all about w4nking about on the guitar. Sophisticated Wheels is all about posh w4nking about on the guitar, the sitar and Jazz "thingys" (I think they might be called scales but I'm no theorist). It's actually an ace piece of Eastern influenced Pop Jazz, yeah.

Obviously I have no interest in the associated LP sleeve. Spots and checks? What was he thinking?


  1. Oh hello, a bit of Gabor you say? Don't mind if I do. You've got to plug your turntable in.

  2. Aye: been there, done that, still regret it.

  3. So far I have not missed the System Of A Down or OCS LP's.