Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Misterlee Destroyed My Retinas

A blatant plug for the Leicestershire's Gentleman's Gentleman of choice, Misterlee. The man himself has probably been "at it" since he was a child mainly behind the traps with Misterlee being him on his todd since 2002 with additonal live support courtesy of guitarist Jamie Smith and Michael Oxtoby on violin & bass.

Oxtoby moved to Cornwall leaving Lee & Jamie to play this gig back in 2009, one that I was in the audience for that subsequently became the subject of the ill-informed Loaf versus Musician Blinded By The Light cival case the details of which will not sully this post....go to 2.00mins or so for the first half of Stags Of Schipol - Live!

It was the lead off single from third album The Disquiet Dog and frankly, I've no idea why a 9 minute ode to Amsterdam's darker tourist delights didn't make daytime radio. Having said that the next single, We're Alive Here, swings like no other and is well worth buying the album for.

Magnesium Horses is from 2005's Night Of The Killer Longface and gives a taste of the more soulfull side of Misterlee, an Alternative Rock Act (wtf?) from Leicester.

Fun Filled Trivia Fact - It is assumed that Lee has recorded with Bill Drummond but he's far to much of a gentleman to ever admit it in public.